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About Us

Luxury Alpaca Yarns, Patterns and Socks from the Lake District

I either buy the fleece from farmers or select the fibres that go into our yarns.  I sort then for softness and then they are spun and dyed in the UK.  You can buy the yarn and patterns or the finished garment from us.

Socks are knitted for us from our yarns by a family firm in Leicestershire. 

Our Story

In 2006, when we bought our first thirteen pregnant alpacas, I took their fleeces to a mini-mill to be spun into fawn, grey and white DK and aran yarn. We decided to breed alpaca alongside some Wensleydale sheep because I find most wool too itchy to wear.  Our range of knitting wools, accessories and patterns has grown year on year and we started to buy increasing amounts of fleece.  Now that Brian has retired from breeding alpacas and the herd has gone, I buy top quality alpaca fleece from breeders in the UK and painstakingly sort it myself .  Although I produce many alpaca blends dyed in beautiful colours, pure UK alpaca yarns in the wide range of natural colours will continue to be at the heart of what we do.

The Team

IKim sorting fleece

Kim Kearney

Chief Fleece Sorter

Sarah Kearney

Sarah Kearney


Lis 2

Lis Barlow Jones


Pip on gurad

Pip The Bedlington Terrier